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Posted 17 September 2014
ISPD member Dr. Peter Benn presented the details on the largest ever NIPT clinical outcomes study. If you would like to view the webinar, the recording is available by clicking here.

Posted 22 August 2014
Late-breaking abstracts for the 18th International Conference on Prenatal Diagnosis and Therapy are now available online.

Posted 8 August 2014
Listen to ISPD Board Members discuss highlights from of all three days of the 18th International Conference on Prenatal Diagnosis and Therapy. Postconference podcasts are available to stream or for download on the Past Meetings Page.

Posted 1 July 2014
In 1983, Ernest Hook and Dorothy Warburton published their classic paper on Turner syndrome, in which they reviewed the evidence that a second cell line (46,XX or with a structurally abnormal X-chromosome) had a productive effect for the in utero survival. Now, over 30 years later in a remarkable paper, they revisit the issue and review data to suggest that all apparent 45,X surviving pregnancies are in fact the result of cryptic mosaicism with 45,X arising from miotic cell errors. They conclude that survival may well be dependent on the presence of the rescuing cell line being present in the placenta. The paper documents an extraordinary long-term dedication to a single prenatal question and the complementation of cytogenetic and epidemiologic expertise. ISPD congratulates Ernest Hook and Dorothy Warbuton!

Posted 15 May 2014
Dorothy Warburton was honored with the Distinguished Scientist Award at the 43rd American Cytogenetics Conference in Asheville, North Carolina in May 2014.









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