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Position Statements
Rapid Response Statements


The International Society for Prenatal Diagnosis and therapy (ISPD) is a multidisciplinary Society with members in over 40 countries. The principal mission of the Society is to stimulate, support and promote education, research and knowledge in the field of prenatal diagnosis and therapy.

In 2010, the Society decided to facilitate the development of Position Statements on topics of global interest and from a global perspective. Topics for these statements can be suggested by the Board or any member of ISPD. A committee reviews the suitability of a suggested topic and makes a recommendation to the Board. For each topic a Working Group Chair is appointed, which selects other members, in close cooperation with the Board. The composition of the Working Group must reflect the highest levels of expertise, provide an international perspective, and consist of individuals who can provide an objective assessment of the topic. The ISPD Board reviews at least one draft of the proposal.  The ISPD Board’s role is to ensure that the document is consistent with the goals, ethical standards and mission of ISPD.  The at-large membership of ISPD are also given opportunity to comment on the draft document and their suggestions from the at-large membership are reviewed by the Working Group but are non-binding. The Board reviews the final position document and formally approves its adoption. The resulting Position Statement is then submitted for publication in our online journal Prenatal Diagnosis.

The purpose of the ISPD Position Statements is to help facilitate the implementation of prenatal diagnostic and therapeutic policies in countries all around the world. The available multidisciplinary and international expertise within the ISPD provides the possibility to present evidence-based views from different subdisciplines and geographical backgrounds on specific prenatal diagnostic and therapeutic topics. These views are discussed extensively and consensus has to be reached bearing in mind its global applicability. It is our goal that the resulting document can be of help to those who are tasked with defining local or national policies and protocols in their countries or geographic regions. These will have to be developed and adapted with consideration of local ethics, laws, budgets and traditions of those countries and regions. ISPD Position Statements are balanced and are intended to restrain  the too early and to stimulate the slow adapters. The Federation of the ISPD, an association of national and regional prenatal diagnosis societies, also provides a platform to discuss implementation issues and best practices. The Federation meets annually at the ISPD conference.

Jan MM Van Lith
Past President, International Society for Prenatal Diagnosis (ISPD)

Position Statements

Background to ISPD position statements on aneuploidy screening

Position Statement from the Aneuploidy Screening Committee on Behalf of the Board of the International Society for Prenatal Diagnosis, April 2015 (just revised)

Aneuploidy screening: a position statement from a committee on behalf of the Board of the International Society for Prenatal Diagnosis, January 2011 (free Prenatal Diagnosis journal article)

Rapid Response Statements

24 October 2011
ISPD has issued the following rapid response statement. The statement was produced by the same committee that wrote the ISPD Position Statement on Aneuploidy Screening.
Prenatal Detection of Down Syndrome using Massively Parallel Sequencing (MPS): a rapid response statement from a committee on behalf of the Board of the International Society for Prenatal Diagnosis, 24 October 2011








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