Corporate Council

ISPD recognizes that innovation in prenatal diagnosis and therapy derives from both academic and industry efforts. To help drive innovation forward and educate our members and colleagues on new developments in the field, ISPD has formed a Corporate Council. The purpose is to gather input from industry members who develop diagnostic and treatment tools, and to take that input into consideration as we create professional training in an era in which technology and methodology are increasingly interdependent.

We encourage industry members who are actively involved in developing new tools or services for prenatal diagnosis or therapy to consider joining the ISPD Corporate Council. Each member organization is invited to nominate one representative to participate in meetings and to submit proposals for training courses on new tools and techniques that are made possible through academic and industry innovation. This collaboration is designed, through education of researchers and care providers around the world, to advance ISPD's mission of assuring that patients and their families receive the best possible prenatal care.

To support these educational initiatives, we are asking prospective Corporate Council members to donate annually to the ISPD Education Fund. ISPD will use the funds to provide scholarships for attending the annual ISPD conference and preconference courses, develop and deliver a basic course on genetic advances in prenatal practice, educate non-geneticists, and drive future educational efforts. We greatly appreciate the contributions we have received by corporate donors to the ISPD Education Fund.

For more information, please download the Corporate Council brochure. For questions, please contact ISPD Headquarters by email at or by telephone at +1 434.979.4773.

Corporate Council Members

2023-2025 Corporate Council Chair: Samantha Leonard, Natera


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