Task Force on Stakeholder Engagement

ISPD recognizes that rapid advances in areas of prenatal screening diagnosis and therapy present many new practical, ethical and social new challenges for the appropriate clinical translation. ISPD also recognizes that appropriate clinical use of these technologies will require active engagement with a range of stakeholders affected by and involved in their clinical implementation. To this end, ISPD has set up an exploratory task force to identify ISPD’s stakeholders and assess their needs, prioritize ISPD’s strategy for engaging stakeholders and identify approaches for such engagement.


The primary objectives of the Task Force on Stakeholder Engagement are:
  1. A) To identify the needs of stakeholders of ISPD and the prenatal diagnosis/screening community more generally;
    B) To identify strategies for ISPD to effectively engage with stakeholders;
  2. To assess whether ISPD needs a new entity (for e.g. Committee or Special Interest Group (SIG) within its organization dedicated to stakeholder engagement issues or
    Alternatively whether these issues fall under the mandate of existing entities like the Special Interest Groups, assessing which groups are best suited to take on such a mandate; and
  3. To identify priorities for a new stakeholder engagement-committee or for stakeholder engagement activities by current SIGs.


September 2016 - Task Force Inception