Awards for Articles and Presentations

ISPD presents the following awards annually for research that has been published or presented.

  • Joe Leigh Simpson Award for Best Early Career Investigator awarded to a presenter at ISPD's international conference
  • The Malcolm Ferguson-Smith Early Career Researcher Award , in connection with ISPD's official journal, Prenatal Diagnosis

Joe Leigh Simpson Award for Best Early Career Investigator

At the international conference, ISPD recognizes the work of the best early career investigator with the Joe Leigh Simpson Award. This award was previously named the ISPD Young Scientist Award, and renamed to honor Joe Leigh Simpson, the Founding President of ISPD.

2024 Recipient: Genetic findings among neonates with perinatal hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy
Christian Parobek, MD, PhD, USA (left) with Tim Van Mieghem, MD, PhD, Canada (right) in Boston

Joe Leigh Simpson Award History

2023: Cell Free DNA Fragmentation Infers Single Cell Type Contributions in Pregnancy
Kate E. Stanley, PhD, Belgium

2022: Intrauterine Open Neural Tube Defect Repair – Comparing Systematic Classification of Maternal and Fetal Complication between the Open and Fetoscopic Approach.
Eyal Krispin, MD, United States

2021: In Utero Genome Editing Restores Cardiac Function and Improves Survival in Mucopolysaccharidosis Type I.
Sourav Bose, MD, MBA, MSc, United States

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The Malcolm Ferguson-Smith Early Career Researcher Award

In 2007, Prenatal Diagnosis, the official journal of ISPD, established The Malcolm Ferguson-Smith Early Career Researcher Award. In recognition of the Journal’s Founding Editor, an annual prize is awarded to the best original paper published in a given volume by an early career investigator (within 5 years of final qualification).

Access The Winning Papers

Recipient for 2023 (Volume 43):
Yada Kunpalin, MD (Canada)
Simple prenatal imaging predictors for postnatal cerebrospinal fluid diversion surgery in fetuses undergoing in utero surgery for spina bifida.
Yada Kunpalin, Joanna Sichitiu, Pradeep Krishnan, Susan Blaser, Abhaya V. Kulkarni, Nimrah Abbasi, Greg Ryan, Shiri Shinar, Tim van Mieghem.

Malcolm Ferguson-Smith Award History

2022 (Volume 42): Lessons learnt from fetal exome sequencing service.
Natalie J. Chandler, Elizabeth Scotchman, Rhiannon Mellis, Vijaya Ramachandran, Rowenna Roberts, Lyn S. Chitty.
2021 (Volume 41): Potential sealing and repair of human FM defects after trauma with peptide amphiphiles and Cx43 antisense
David W. Barrett, Babatunde O. Okesola, Eleni Costa, Christopher Thrasivoulou, David L. Becker, Alvaro Mata, Jan A. Deprest, Anna L. David, Tina T. Chowdhury

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