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Issue 5, 2020

Message from the President, November 2020

Lyn Chitty, PhD, MRCOG


Welcome to the October-November 2020 edition of Global Updates. I am honoured to be the new ISPD President and know that these are going to be very challenging times for us as we learn to live in the COVID era. I would first like to thank our Past President, Louise Wilkins-Haug, who worked tirelessly to further the aims of the Society advancing the science and practice of genetics and fetal care worldwide to promote the health of children, their mothers, and their families. Louise is passionate about education and supporting the next generation, and she has been instrumental in engaging the younger generation in ISPD. Now we offer complimentary subscription to all trainees, whether they are scientists, clinicians or counsellors.

The International Society for Prenatal Diagnosis (ISPD) has published a position statement in Prenatal Diagnosis on the use of cell-free DNA testing to screen multifetal pregnancies for Down syndrome and other autosomal trisomies. The position statement includes recommendations on the use of cell-free DNA testing, noting that the literature shows such testing to be appropriate for screening twin pregnancies and may also be a viable option for screening triplet pregnancies. This BONUS webinar will feature an overview of the recently published article.


Please note: No continuing education units are available for this session.


2020 ISPD Virtual Education Series

Thank you for your support of our series of educational webinars on Wednesdays in October and November. If you missed a session, VES Recordings are available.



  • Hottest Topics: CRISPR
  • TOTAL Trial
  • Debate 1: Fetuses with non-isolated fetal anomalies or genetic syndromes should be excluded from fetal therapy.
  • Debate 2: Expanded NIPT that includes conditions other than trisomies 13, 18, and 21 should be offered.
  • Functional Imaging
  • Genetic Counseling

Laboratory Techniques SIG - A Message from Outgoing Chairs

Sadly, as the 2020 ISPD conference was one of the many cancelled events of 2020 we were not able to conduct our final SIG meeting in person. So we would like to take the opportunity to say farewell and thank you to all those that participated in the meetings, those who have viewed the content on the SIG page on the ISPD website and read our contributions to Global Updates.


We are handing over the reins to Francesca Romana Grati who we are sure everyone knows well due to her roles in ISPD including her recent ISPD Director role and her work with NIPT, CMA and mosaicism. Her Co-chair is Natalie Chandler from Great Ormond Street Hospital in London who works predominantly in the fields of prenatal exome sequencing and NIPD.

Prenatal Diagnosis Journal

Volume 40 | Issue 11 | October 2020


Editor's Choice Article:

Smet, M‐E, Scott, FP, McLennan, AC. Discordant fetal sex on NIPT and ultrasound. DOI: 10.1002/pd.5676


Volume 40 | Issue 10 | September 2020


Editor's Choice Article:

Feygin T, Khalek N, Moldenhauer JS. Fetal brain, head, and neck tumors: Prenatal imaging and management.

DOI: 10.002/pd.5722

ISPD members have online access to all Prenatal Diagnosis articles via the .


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