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Issue 2, 2022

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Update from ISPD Headquarters

Alison Cockrell, CAE
ISPD Executive Director


I want to offer a huge thank you to Lyn Chitty for her leadership as ISPD President from September 2020 through August 2022. Lyn served as President for the majority of the pandemic and, with the help of Past President Louise Wilkins-Haug, guided ISPD through many difficult decisions and a new way of doing things. Along with the Global Education and Outreach Committee, she helped expand ISPD’s outreach with the free Virtual Education Series, which began with Series 1 in October 2020. (ISPD will launch Series 3 of the VES on 12 October 2022!) She was also instrumental in organizing the first fully virtual meeting held in June 2021 and in issuing the . Lyn will continue her services on the Board as Past President as Mahesh Choolani takes over as President this month. Thank you, Lyn! Job well done.

2022-2024 ISPD Board of Directors

Mahesh Choolani

ISPD President, Mahesh Choolani

Please welcome the 2022-2024 ISPD Board of Directors, who began their terms on 1 September 2022.


President: Mahesh Choolani, Singapore

President-Elect: Tim Van Mieghem, Canada

Secretary: Mark Pertile, Australia

Treasurer: Lee Shulman, USA

Past President: Lyn Chitty, UK

Directors: April Adams, USA; Lisa Hui, Australia; Brynn Levy, USA; Dora Mayen, Mexico; Joris Vermeesch, Belgium; Neeta Vora, USA
Early Career Director: Rebecca Reimers, USA


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SIG Update: Genetic Counseling, Ethics, and Patient Education

Lynn Bush and Katie Ellis

SIG Co-Chairs

After a long Covid-driven absence from being together in-person, the ISPD 2022 Counseling-Ethics-Education SIG breakfast opened with our word cloud to engage the hybrid ISPD community. Interdisciplinary panelists for the session, The Certainty of Uncertainty: Considerations and Conversations in the context of Screening, Diagnosis and Therapy, were co-chairs Lynn Bush, PhD, MS Bioethics, MA and Katie Ellis, FHGSA, GDipHEd, MSc along with invited guest speakers Alireza Haghighi, MD, DPhil, FACMG and Alireza (“Shami”) A. Shamshirsaz, MD, FACOG. Lively discussion ensued on a variety of topics!

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ISPD Virtual Education Series Starts 18 October!


The  will continue with  to be held monthly, 18 October 2022 - 8 March 2023. A range of topics will be presented, beginning with a session on facial clefts on 18 October 2022 at 3:00 PM EDT/UTC-4 (9:00 PM CEST / 6:00 AM AEDT on 19 October). This educational webinar will feature three talks, described below.


1. Ultrasound diagnosis of facial clefts; 2. Genetic testing in cleft lip and palate; 3. Surgical approach to cleft lip and palate
Register for Session 1

Registration is free, thanks to support provided through the ISPD Education Fund.

Prenatal Diagnosis Journal - Recent Issues

Volume 42 | Issue 10 | September 2022


Editor's Choice Article:

Bardi, F. Timing of diagnosis of fetal structural abnormalities after the introduction of universal cell-free DNA in the absence of first-trimester anatomical screening. DOI: 10.10002/pd.6224


Read September Issue

Volume 42 | Issue 9 | August 2022


Editor's Choice Article:

Meiman J, Zhang C, Holland B. Use of fetal tele-echo at small regional hospitals increases the rate of prenatal diagnosis of congenital heart disease.

DOI: 10.1002/pd.6196


Read August Issue

Volume 42 | Issue 8 | July 2022


Editor's Choice Article:

Hendriks S, Grady C, Wasserman D, Wendler D, Bianchi DW, Berkman B. A new ethical framework to determine acceptable risks in fetal therapy trials.

DOI: 10.1002/pd.6163


Read July Issue

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ISPD Global Updates Editors
Lynn Bush (USA)
Lisa Hui (Australia)

Florencia Petracchi (Argentina)

Neeta Vora (USA)

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Global Updates Board Liaisons:

Neeta Vora (USA)

Louise Wilkins-Haug (USA)



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ISPD Board of Directors


Mahesh Choolani, President

. (Singapore)
Tim Van Mieghem, President-Elect (Canada)

Mark Pertile, Secretary (Australia)

Lee Shulman, Treasurer (USA)

Lyn Chitty, Past President (UK)



April Adams (USA)

Lisa Hui (Australia)

Brynn Levy (USA)

Dora Mayen (Mexico)

Rebecca Reimers (USA)
Joris Vermeesch (Belgium)

Neeta Vora (USA)



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