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Fetal Therapy

Co-Chairs: Anna L. David, PhD, FRCOG and Philip DeKoninck, MD, PhD

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Anna David
Anna David
Philip DeKoninck
Philip DeKoninck

The Fetal Therapy SIG supports and advances the art and science of all aspects of in utero treatment of fetal disease to the benefit of our patients, both the fetus and the pregnant woman. It aims to provide a forum for all professionals involved in the field of fetal diagnosis and treatment, with the aim to advance our knowledge and skills. In particular, the SIG promotes interaction, discussion and exchange of ideas and opinions between the various specialists from all countries and continents involved in both clinical and basic science aspects of fetal treatment, including social and ethical aspects. The SIG supports and promotes the highest possible standards of research, and acknowledges the importance of international multicenter collaboration particularly in this field, given the relative rarity of each fetal disorder or anomaly. The SIG aims to play a role in promoting quality control initiatives in the field of fetal surgery, including the support of providing open access (internet) treatment and outcome data, and the use of appropriate statistical analysis of performance and competence of fetal surgeons and their centers.

SIG Topics of Discussion/Interest

  • Open Surgery
  • Gene Therapy
  • Twin-Twin Transfusion
  • Fetoscopy

Global Updates Articles

Improving the safety of fetal therapy trials and studies (2022.1)

Running a Spina Bifida Fetal Surgery Service Across Two Countries (2021.2)

Fetal Cardiac Intervention (2020.1)


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