Special Interest Group (SIG)

Genetic Counseling, Ethics, and Patient Education

Co-Chairs: Lynn Wein Bush, PhD MS MA and Samantha Stover, MS, CGC

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Lynn Bush

Sam Stover
This SIG provides a forum for engagement around genetic counseling, patient education, and ethical issues arising in reproductive testing and fetal therapy. Activities include preconference courses, input into guidelines, provision of resources and engaging with SIG members. This SIG welcomes collaboration with other SIGs within ISPD.

SIG Topics of Discussion/Interest

  • Screening and diagnostic techniques
  • Chromosome analysis and microarray
  • Pan-Ethnic carrier screening
  • International collaboration among GCs
  • Genetic counselor training
  • International utilization of GCs
  • Development of an international database of prenatal GCs
  • Ethical theory and concepts in reproduction
  • Ethics and prenatal screening
  • Informed choice and informed consent
  • Disclosure of incidental findings and the "right not to know"
  • Equity in access to services
  • Preconception screening
  • Ethics and fetal therapy